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Dennis Linthicum

Dennis Linthicum

As American citizens, freedom and liberty are God-given, nonnegotiable rights. We believe in the uniquely American ideal that all people are created equal. We believe free speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble must be protected. We don’t believe that America is unjust. Our economic system gives everyone the best chance for success and comes from our freedom to live within the risk and rewards of our independent lives and personal responsibility. Our unity depends on our belief in these ideals, not from a reliance on the state’s power to force us to live by the arbitrary dictates of the majority party.

The last four years have been extremely rancorous in Salem because of the division between the collectivist elites who want to control and run your life. Does life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, belong to people as individuals, or not? Is the American Dream open to Oregonians? Are people free to initiate appropriate and just pursuits as individuals and families? Will the Democratic supermajority allow the citizens of Oregon to pursue human flourishing or will our individual endeavors require a license or permit with endless fees and paperwork that serve no purpose, but to generate revenue for the administrative state?

During the last two legislative sessions as the minority whip, I encouraged the Senate Republican body in their historic decision to drop all pretense about having a bipartisan session. The Democratic supermajority wanted only control — comprehensive control. They refused discussions tailored for rural counties versus the Portland metro area.

Republicans strove to protect the inalienable rights of our constituencies and stood together to stop three destructive and unconstitutional bills. First, was a denial of the right to self-defense through unconstitutional gun regulations. Second, was a horrendous cap-and-trade greenhouse gas taxation scheme. And last was a non-consensual, mandatory vaccination and medical service regulation that would have denied schooling to any child with preexisting medical conditions related to vaccine uptake.

Democrats have enough votes to pass any legislation, without a single Republican vote, including new taxes and increases in existing taxes and fees. As the superminority, Republicans had only one last protection against the biased and unrepresentative actions promoted by the radical left. We denied quorum to the Senate Chamber on three occasions to protect the hard-working, law-abiding Oregonians who reside within our beautiful state.

Following our actions, Governor Kate Brown called upon state troopers to give chase and issued orders to forcibly return Republican Senators to Salem so that the Democrats could pass their radical agenda. Thankfully, we were successful and these horrid infringements on our constitutionally-protected liberties and inalienable rights were stopped.

Salem is out of balance and the marbled halls have been organized to preserve the powerful. Republican bills, amendments and ideas are readily dismissed, while public access and comment is limited or completely denied.

As we all know, 2020 has been a year unlike any other in Oregon’s history. The COVID-19 uncertainties, the lockdowns of schools and businesses and the subsequent permanent shutdown of so many small businesses in our communities. The dictatorial abolition of the right to assemble and religious freedom is un-American.

It is heartbreaking to witness the struggles of everyday Oregonians desperately juggling home, work and their children’s education. Although President Trump has provided financial support for small businesses and unemployment claims, people must be free to resume their normal lives. Already struggling businesses must have the freedom to serve their customers as they see fit and not face the fear of executive agency bureaucrats fining them into bankruptcy or forcing their closure.

Senate District 28 is clearly saying that they don’t want the riots, mayhem and violence that is erupting within the Democrat controlled metro-areas of our state. They want senators who are willing to stand strong against the leftist indoctrination of our youth and the rewriting of our Constitution’s proud and historic legacy of freedom and justice for all.

Although the imbalance in the legislature creates roadblocks, I was able to pass significant legislation which includes removing restrictions which prevented Sky Lakes Medical Center providers from eligibility for rural medical tax credits; improving Oregon Tech’s standing as the west coast’s most modern technological institute; allowing Klamath Community College and other community colleges to offer four year degrees; changed arbitrary rules which would have denied access to small school funding for Klamath County schools.

My endorsement list includes: ORTL, Ag-PAC, OFF, NRA, OFB, ODFA, NFIB, OFMF COHO, AOL., Timber Unity and Oregon’s prominent police chiefs, officer and sheriff associations.

I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may continue to represent and fight for the traditional American values of free speech, private property and water rights, school choice, personal responsibility, consensual medicine, the freedom to worship, and the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms.

— Dennis Linthicum is the incumbent state senator for District 28, which includes all or part of five counties: Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Deschutes and Crook. He is running for re-election in November’s General Election.