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Heather tramp

Heather Tramp

As a longtime supporter of the Jordan Cove Project, I was thrilled to see the overwhelming showing of support for the Project at the FERC hearing in Klamath Falls last month.

It was clear to anyone — proponents and opponents — who attended that supporters greatly outnumbered those there to oppose the project, a distinct departure from other public hearings on Jordan Cove.

Nearly 130 supporters visited the Jordan Cove hospitality suite during the day, and approximately 143 people testified at the hearing, suggesting that the majority of the attendees throughout the day were in support of the Project.

This is a strong indication that support for Jordan Cove in our community is increasing, while opposition is decreasing as people become more educated about the Project.

This is the direct result of more community members learning the truth about the benefits the Project will bring to Klamath County, as well as dispelling myths and understanding the safety and security precautions Pembina takes in the construction and operation of its pipelines.

For these reasons, among many others, the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce emphatically endorses the Jordan Cove LNG Project.

From the $5.3 million in permanent annual tax revenue the Project will bring to Klamath County — including $2.8 million to public schools — to the $7.7 million in annual local spending expected from workers during construction, this Project has the potential to launch Klamath County into an entirely new economic sphere — one we haven’t seen in decades.

Jordan Cove has proven time and again that they want to build a long-term business in our community and it’s clear from the FERC hearing that the people of Klamath Falls are decisively on board.

— Heather Tramp is the Executive Director, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce.