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Gerry O'Brien

Gerry O’Brien

We often ask our readers for feedback, be it on our stories, editorials, delivery issues or topics in general that they would like to see covered in by the staff.

Here’s an easy way to respond to all of that: an online survey. Starting today you can go to and answer a brief number of questions about our newspaper. Many of the answers have space for comments, so feel free to add what you like or dislike about our coverage; what gets your blood pumping and what may not interest you at all.

Back in the day, newspapers would strive to be all things to all readers. That was pre-Internet of course, and the sole source for local, state, national and international news was the daily newspaper.

Today, we have to be a bit more selective in our coverage. Many paper companies made the shift from trying to cover everything to just focusing on local news. Some like to call it “hyper-local” coverage. It really is the niche for a regional newspaper. After all, with 24/7 cable and online news coverage, one would have to be living in a cave to be unaware of national and international news.

The strength of your local newspaper is obviously, your local news. There is nowhere else a published listing of daily and upcoming events. There is nowhere else coverage of a large range of local prep sporting events. There is nowhere else coverage of your local government, police and sheriff’s offices. And there is nowhere else the extensive coverage of local business news and outdoors features.

But you be the judge. Please take some time to fill out the survey. If you like, leave your name and contact information as we would like to start up a readership panel. This panel would meet for a few months to help implement new content for readers; or merely critique the paper to keep it on the same tack as what the readers are expecting. We’ll see.

Also, the newsroom staff will start holding monthly “coffee with a journalist” at various coffee houses around town, to give you an opportunity to meet face-to-face with our reporting staff.

We hope you participate in the survey and/or visit us at these meetings. After all, it’s your Herald and News.