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Gerry O'Brien

Gerry O'Brien

First the news upfront: We are raising our rates for our daily single copy and Sunday newspaper. Starting Feb. 1 the price of buying the Herald and News off the newsstand or from a dealer in town will go to $1.50 for the daily paper and $2.50 for the Sunday edition.

Cost of newsprint is the main culprit. The bump in newsprint prices after last year’s back-and-forth tussle over trade tariffs between the U.S. and Canada bumped up our operating costs significantly. If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably seen the story about the Bend Bulletin filing for bankruptcy protection. One of their outstanding expenses…nearly $1 million in newspaper production costs. The majority of that comes from newsprint.

The good news is that if you subscribe to our home-delivered paper, you’ll save bundles of money. For instance, getting the Sunday paper home-delivered, plus access to our five-day-a-week e-edition and all our online content is only $9.97 a month for the first six months, then $11.70 the next 12 months.

Or, say you just want to read us just online…only $9.97 a month for all that content, including local, state, national and international news, plus more sports news than you can shake a baseball bat at.

The longer you sign up for, six months or even a year, the lower the price becomes. For details, contact our circulation department at 541-885-4410.

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The news about the Bend paper’s bankruptcy coming on the heels of the Gannett newspaper chain’s announcement of several layoffs this week is disconcerting. While the Herald and News has had staff reductions over the years, we have righted our ship to a lean, more efficient staff for 2019. That doesn’t mean we could do without a few more reporters, we surely could use a few more hands on the typewriter.

What we really need is your support. Here’s how. The staff held a recent brainstorming session for stories it would like to see covered in 2019. Those range from the fun, and the silly, to the serious and important.

We would like to hear from you, dear reader, as to what topics, story ideas, you would like to see covered in our news pages. Feel free to email your thoughts to or

We plan on putting out a reader survey in the near future, too, with details about what we can cover and what we cannot.

For instance, we cannot cover every fire and police call that comes across our police scanner. Most of those are known as “ambulance chasing” when there’s a car crash or fender-bender. Much of that is listed in our daily law enforcement log, under medical emergency calls, but it lacks specific do scanner calls.

We also cannot get to every high school sporting event, as we have a small sports staff and a string of correspondents.

And we may not show up at every ribbon-cutting, or check passing, but we do ask that if you have an event you’d like to document, send us a photo with the basic information and we’ll get it in the paper.

What we hope to do this year if give you the bigger picture stories; for example the plague of meth in our community; the struggles surrounding getting new businesses to come to town; the efforts of unsung people who work to make our community a great place to live.

Again, if you have suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered, drop us a line. On Twitter @gerry_obrien1

Gerry OBrien, Editor