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Gerry O'Brien

Gerry O’Brien

The summer is heating up with news and special events, to the point of overload…if this past week is any indication. But you can leave it to our scrappy staff to cover all of it for our readers.

Of particular note is the Jordan Cove Pipeline public comment session at the Klamath County Fairgrounds on Thursday. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC took individual comments in its determination for allowing the project to proceed.

There were plenty of people attending both for and against the project. In the first hour, about 60 spoke to FERC representatives. This issue is kind of like voting; don’t complain if you didn’t voice your concerns or your support to the policy deciders.

Juvenile detention downgrade

It was pretty disappointed to see that a $12 million expansion proposal for a Klamath County residential program for juvenile girls was scrapped by an Oregon House committee this week.

Gov. Kate Brown earmarked $12 million for expanded programming and bed space at the Youth Inspiration Program, a facility for at-risk girls under Oregon Youth Authority care. The site also formerly housed Oregon foster girls.

Director Dan Golden has been working on improving the facilities for years. It is key to giving their girls a chance at a better life.

The upgrade had wide-ranging support until Klamath Falls got singled out in a statewide report over its issuance of tampons and feminine hygiene products to the teenage girls. That policy was altered in March, yet the issue kept being reported to state lawmakers as unchanged.

We hope that if the lawmakers head back into special session (the current session is to end this weekend) they take up this issue again and look at it from what is happening today, not a year ago. Of course the session has to be expanded to include this topic, as it should be.

Sucker incubators

Also of note was the news that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is experimenting with holding pens for juvenile suckers in Upper Klamath Lake. The idea is that the fish will be protected from predation in their early lives, enough so to survive out in the wilds of the lake.

No one really knows why the younglings are not making it to adulthood, and the threat of their extinction is real. But this may be one answer to that problem and we are anxious to see the results of this project.

Classic car time

On the lighter side, Klamath Falls will fill up with classic and remodeled antique cars for the annual Kruise of Klamath. The event has been growing and has expanded to four days to take in all that the Basin has to offer, such as Crater Lake National Park and Lava Beds National Monument. Saturday is the big day at Moore Park with the “show and shine” display. It’s worth stopping by and chatting with the car aficionados.

Challenging kinetics

Taking place right alongside that will be the annual Kinetic Challenge of more unusual modes of transportation, all done with human power.

Downtown will be the scene for much of this light-hearted look a pedal power…all designed by Dr. Seuss-wannabes we think.

Yet there’s lots of engineering that go into these modes of transportation. Check them out at Veterans Memorial Park.

July 4th rock concert

And don’t forget to get your ticket for the July 4th EagleMania concert at the Klamath County Fairgrounds. It’s an ideal way to enjoy some music by the best Eagles tribute band in the country, while getting a ringside seat for the annual fireworks show. Tickets are available at the Herald and News offices; FastBreak convenience stores and A BetterWay.