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Christopher Columbus did not set out to prove that the world was round (educated people had proven the flat-Earthers wrong centuries earlier). He was not the first European to cross the Atlantic (that title goes to Norse Viking Leif Eriksson). And he never, ever — not once — set foot on what…

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The Oregon State Police troopers who defied Gov. Kate Brown by refusing to wear face masks in a Corvallis coffee shop last week should feel fortunate the governor was in a forgiving mood. Their actions — and a profane denunciation of Brown by one officer — would have been inappropriate even …

People en masse have expressed opinions in the Klamath Basin over the past several days in very public manners — but whether anyone in a position to make immediate substantive change actually listened is yet to be seen.

These global climate change protests are really sad to witness. Our young people are being misled by power hungry leaders and educators who are using the young and impressionable to advance their socialist agenda. Why isn't the young Swedish girl taking her message to China and India where p…


Oregon’s tax kicker will be a record-breaker next year. The state’s latest — and last, for the 2017-19 biennium — revenue forecast shows the state will be required to send $1.6 billion back to the taxpayers.

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The summer is heating up with news and special events, to the point of overload…if this past week is any indication. But you can leave it to our scrappy staff to cover all of it for our readers.