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For the second time in two years, Congress is about to abandon millions of Americans who depend on community health care. And President Donald Trump — who has reason to pay special attention to these patients — seems willing to let it happen.

Like so many initiatives in the Trump presidency, the Trump Doral Group of Seven summit at first sounded like a joke. As the last G-7 meeting wrapped in France in August, Donald Trump used the platform to suggest he might host the 2020 meeting, which is due to be held in the United States, a…

After election, before he took office, calls for President-elect Donald Trump’s impeachment were made by Democrat (M. Waters), even though he could only be impeached because of crimes he committed while in office.

“People often say with pride, ‘I’m not interested in politics.’ They might as well say ‘I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future, or any future.’ Or if we mean to keep control over our world and our lives, we must be interested in politics."

A Wednesday Letter to the Editor, “Klamath Basin Senior Center is flourishing,” should have used the word "scorned" in the following sentence.

As a nation, we find ourselves at a time of historic polarization. Many of us simply refuse to listen to people in a different political camp. A significant portion of Americans are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than reality, if the facts don’t match their politics.

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