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Lucky Lines: 4-5-9-16-19-24-27-31.

Megabucks: 10-16-24-30-35-46.

Pick Four: 1 p.m.: 3-6-5-8; 4 p.m.: 1-0-6-4; 7 p.m.: 0-8-3-6.

Win for Life: 26-30-50-61.

Oregon Lottery Office: 503-540-1000


Daily Derby: 1st Place: 03-Hot Shot. 2Nd: 12-Lucky Charms. 3Rd: 11-Money Bags. Race Time: 1:45:43

Fantasy 5: 1-2-7-17-38.

Daily 4: 2-6-7-1.

Daily 3: Midday: 0-1-3. Evening: 2-6-4.

California Lottery Office: 800-568-8379