Greeted with at least 14 inches of glittery snow on Wednesday and many closed offices, H&N staffers took to the streets of Klamath Falls to see how residents chose to enjoy the day.

Stopping first at The Ledge, owner and operator Mike Angeli plowed snow from his parking lot before setting staffers up with snow shoe rentals.

Off to Leap of Taste in downtown Klamath Falls for a warm drink and a quick chat with locals who've seen a few major storms in the City of Sunshine.

Longtime resident Louise Ganong, who said the snow was knee deep near her Klamath Falls home, said she's seen storms akin to this one before.

“I wouldn't say this amount of snow is unusual,” Ganong said, after purchasing a burrito at the downtown cafe. “The fact that it came in one night is unusual.”

Nearly 30-year resident Charlene Ham, who said she had got stuck on a hill earlier near her home, agreed.

“When we first moved here,” Ham said. “It used to snow like this all the time.”

Accumulated snow didn't keep Leap of Taste manager Jay Treetop from opening up shop. Treetop wanted to make sure residents had a place to go on their unexpected day off.

“I knew people would probably have their day free,” Treetop said. “I just hope people are out there being safe and staying within their limits.”

Carefully navigating the snowy streets, staffers moved on to Moore Park where snow shoes were securely fastened to trek about the landscape transformed into a wintry wonderland.

Snapshots of enjoyable snow day moments were all around.

Klamath Falls residents Nate and Molly Banet played with their 3-month-old puppy, Harriet, as they walked along a snowy trail.

“It was going to be snowy no matter what,” he said. “We're really happy to be close to Moore Park because we love the outdoors. Snowshoeing, skiing, you name it.”

Taking a break from sledding on the side of the path was the Rasmussen family: Jesse, 2, Esther, 5, Asher, 9, and Cyrus, 11.

Asher stood up, pointing to his waist as he described how high the snow lay at the family's home.

A few minutes later, Esther barreled down the path in the lap of her father, Josh Rasmussen, smiling ear-to-ear.

Families began to trickle in to Moore Park in early afternoon to enjoy their snow day to the fullest.

That included Ashlynn Engelgau, 8, and her mom Sarah Engelgau.

The 8-year-old flew down one of the hills at Moore Park in a sled.

“She was so excited,” Sarah Engelgau said, of her daughter's reaction to the snowstorm.

“We all love the snow.”

- H&N Reporter Stephen Floyd contributed to this report.

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