A planet fitness location that is comparable to the future Klamath Falls location. 

Planet Fitness in Klamath Falls is set to open during the first week of November in Jefferson Square on Washburn Way.

Planet Fitness has gyms across the country, as is known for being the “everyman’s gym,” a message from Dan Afrasiabi, Growth Officer at Planet Fitness, explained to H&N.

“Everything from the type of equipment we have, the number of cardio features we put into the club, and the attitude of the team, everything is geared toward making the fitness clubs very approachable for everyday people,” Afrasiabi said.

He explained that other gyms can be intimidating and uninviting, but Planet Fitness is different.

“Planet Fitness has really tried to do everything possible to take away that intimidation factor that scares away a lot of the average people that just want to have a place where they can exercise and get themselves in better health and better shape,” Afrasiabi said.

There will be 80 to 90 pieces of cardio equipment in the Klamath Falls Planet Fitness, including ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bicycles. Afrasiabi said Planet Fitness makes sure to have an elevated number of cardio equipment so that people don’t have to wait their turn.

With tanning beds and massage chairs, Planet Fitness offers a different gym experience.

“It’s effectively a spa inside of the Planet Fitness,” Afrasiabi explained.

Membership registration is open before the gym is. People in Klamath Falls can register now at either at the small trailer in the soon-to-be Planet Fitness lot or register online. Afrasiabi stressed that new members will not be charged until the gym opens for business.

“We are super happy to bring our services to Klamath Falls,” Afrasiabi said. He said Planet Fitness is dedicated to becoming part of the community.