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Mills neighborhood progress

Isabel Rodriguez was again appointed as the Mills Neighborhood Association president during an association meeting Tuesday evening.

The Mills Neighborhood Association is no more, but not for long.

Due to disagreements involving the direction of the group, all board members and officers resigned, leaving only the president, Isabel Rodriguez, and a few members.

“Because there is no more functioning Mills Neighborhood Association, we will have to close down that organization, then we will have to start a new one and it will have a new name and a new face,” Rodriguez explained.

At Tuesday afternoon’s meeting, the first since the resignations, the handful of community members in attendance remained optimistic.

“I think you’ll be really surprised,” Rodriguez said. “We’ve got a tremendous, great group of people here that want to see this go forward.”

The attendees shared ideas for the new group, and temporary officers were elected.

There will be another meeting next week on Tuesday at 6 p.m., at the Integral Youth Services building in the Mills neighborhood, and all are welcome. The building is located at 601 E. Main St.

Elections for the new board and officer positions will be on Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. in the same building.

The Mills neighborhood association was the H&N organization of the year in 2018, for its efforts to clean up the neighborhood, which received statewide attention after an Oregonian article in 2016 listed it as the fifth-worst poverty hot spot in the state.