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At Monday night’s city council meeting, the council will vote on: regulations for non-retail marijuana locations; providing funding to Argo Klamath Two LLC for renovations to the old Skipper’s building; providing funding to outfit police vehicles; and the approval of funds from the National Guard for the rehabilitation of Taxiway G.

The council will also present certificates of service to Barbara Rhodes, for 15 years of service on the Municipal Court, and Aaron Thomas, for 20 years of service on the Police Department.

The council meeting starts at 7 p.m. in Klamath Falls City Hall.


The Marijuana advisory committee will present changes to the current regulating code, most of which only affect non-retail marijuana facilities. If the council votes in favor, an ordinance will be introduced to change the regulating code.

The changes will include the addition of a regulation for all marijuana facilities that will require them to be located at least 50 feet from the “downtown business overlay zone.”

Currently, all types of marijuana facilities must follow the same regulations, but the changes recommended by the committee loosen the regulations for non-retail marijuana locations, such as grow sites and processing facilities.

The committee suggests lifting the requirement that facilities must be located at least 1,000 feet from “properties attended primarily by minors,” such as schools, libraries and parks, as well as a regulation that requires facilities for be 1,000 feet apart, for non-retail locations.

The committee also recommends adding a requirement that non-retail facilities must have entrances and exits that are not visible from school properties.

The addition includes added definitions and grammatical corrections to Klamath’s code for marijuana facilities.

Old Skipper’s building

The Urban Renewal Agency will vote on whether or not to allocate $50,000 to make the Old Skipper’s building useable.

According to the agenda, the building was planned to be demolished but instead the developer, Argo Klamath Two LLC, decided to remodel and reuse the building.

The Urban Renewal Agency went into a development agreement with Argo Klamath Two in 2014 concerning the development of the 23.5 acre property located at the Northeast corner of Avalon and Pershing Way which used to contain Shasta Mall, Sherm’s Thunderbird and Skipper’s.

Argo Klamath Two has met the milestone of remodeling and reusing the old Skipper’s building, as the restaurant Nine Thai Restaurant is now open in the building. So the developer is requesting the remaining $50,000 allocated for that milestone.

Because the funding was already allocated to the project, it will not impact the general fund if allocated.

Police vehicles

The police department has requested $43,780 to outfit new police vehicles. The money is within the budget allocated to the purchasing and outfitting of new vehicles, so there would be no financial impact on the city. In fact, there would be $26,670 left in the budget, which the agenda states could be used to buy computers and other equipment for the new police vehicles.

If approved, the police department will employ the services of Lehr, an emergency vehicle outfitting company based in California. The company will wrap the new vehicles and install police tools such as sirens, lights, speakers and radio equipment.

Taxiway G

The council will vote on whether or not to accept $158,286 in funding from the national guard to rehabilitate Taxiway G.

The city is embarking on a $7 million project to rehabilitate Taxiway G at Klamath Regional Airport. The vast majority of the funding for the project (93.75%), is provided by The Federal Aviation Administration. The remaining 6.25% of the funding is to be covered by the airport.

The airport has already received a grant from the State of Oregon for $150,000 for the project. The 173rd Fighter Wing of the National Guard utilizes the taxiway extensively, according to the agenda for the council meeting. Therefore, the Guard has offered $158,286 in funding for the rehabilitation project.

If the funding from the Guard is approved, the airport would be left with an obligation to pay $138,838 for the project.

Smaller items

The council will also vote on changes to Klamath’s slingshot and airgun law. The change would allow people to shoot slingshots and airguns on private property with the owner’s permission and granted that they take precautions to make sure projectiles do not fly outside the property.

The council will also vote on rezoning a 0.4 acre parcel of land on Washburn Way and whether to appoint Angie Britton to the parking advisory committee.