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Good news for breakfast lovers: Hangry House is a new food cart in town and it serves homemade breakfast food all day long.

Natasha Hester is a 28-year-old originally from Grants Pass, Ore. She is a cosmetologist and has owned Nail Biz in Klamath Falls for a little over a year.

When Hester saw other food trucks near her salon, she wanted to open one of her own.

Hester’s family owns Black Forest, a restaurant in Grants Pass, so she had restaurant experience from working at the family business.

Her parents surprised her by buying the truck for her to start up her shop, which opened in May.

Hester said she and her husband picked the name and then began thinking about a logo.

“We had to try and think of what describes hangry,” she said. (Hangry is internet slang contracting the words hungry and angry.)

The couple decided to use a cartoon baby dinosaur as the truck’s mascot and logo.

It roars while holding a spoon and a fork, looking extremely “hangry.”

Hester said she decided to serve breakfast all day because it’s her favorite type of food.

“I can eat breakfast any meal,” she said.

The truck offers homemade dishes that are all made to order. There is a lunch menu in addition to the breakfast menu for breakfast-all-day naysayers.

Hester said the breakfast burritos are some of the most popular items. There’s a chicken fried steak burrito and the cheekily named “Spicy a$$ burrito,” made with hash browns, eggs, pepper jack, bacon, sausage, ham, jalapeno and chipotle.

The lunch menu includes burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs and chicken strips. The “Hangry Burger” has bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper jack and chipotle.

“I have a different special each week. I switch off, one week a lunch special and the next a breakfast special,” Hester said.

The Hangry house is located in the parking lot of Hair Biz on South 6th Street across the street from the fairgrounds Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The truck is also available to cater events. To contact the Hangry House, call 541-415-4017.