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Klamath Falls City Schools Superintendent Paul Hillyer said on Thursday that city schools are planning to roll out their curriculum via a combination of online services and paper packets, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Both school districts are seeking innovative ways to reach their student population amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed schools between March 16 and April 28.

“We’ll be having teachers with their various grade levels putting together packets for their students on a weekly basis with academic requirements that they want their students to do at home,” Hillyer said.

“They will be calling the students a couple of times a week to check in with them and see how they’re doing, and also to see if they have any questions on their school work,” Hillyer added.

“We’re going to be loaning out Chromebooks to any families that don’t have the device to access the internet.”

Hillyer is encouraging families to seek out a free internet service being provided by Spectrum during the pandemic so they can access online resources relating to the school’s curriculum.

“As far as the packets go, we’ll be offering those at the school sites for people to pick up and we will also be delivering those via our buses to the outlying areas,” Hillyer said. “We’re not sure if it’s going to be to the bus stops or to some central locations.

“When we send out the learning packets, we’ll also send out the free lunches as well,” Hillyer added.

Hillyer said on Thursday that if Oregon goes to a “Shelter-in-place” designation requiring individuals to stay home, the school district would try to find a way to keep lunches coming.

“I think even if there’s shelter-in-place, we would still be doing the same thing with meals,” Hillyer said on Saturday.

In the case that teachers will work remotely from home, their classroom voicemails will for forwarded to their cellphones, Hillyer said.

Maintenance will continue projects in city school buildings during what would have been Spring Break for schools.

“Our administrative group – They work really well together and brainstorm and come up with creative ideas,” he said.

{span}Hillyer said the district will be using some of the time over the next few weeks for staff training. A city schools subcommittee of administrators is working on a plan for this.{/span}