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Klamath Community College

The Klamath Community College board unanimously voted Tuesday to reverse an earlier decision that would have increased tuition 5 percent in the 2019-2020 school year.

In May, the KCC board voted to increase tuition 5 percent due to increasing costs in delivering education and a proposed state budget that would have only provided $543 million for community colleges in the 2019-21 biennium budget, according to a press release

The final budget, which was approved in June, allocated $641 million for Oregon’s 17 community colleges, and the additional funds KCC receives will be reimbursed back to the students, equating to no increase in tuition.

“Ensuring education remains accessible and affordable for students by expanding student pathways to success, improving our community’s prospects — and now reversing the tuition increase — are excellent examples of the commitment KCC has to its core values,” said KCC board member Kate Marquez.

“We are grateful for the forward-thinking leadership that recognized the need to put the additional funds where they belong — in service to students.”

KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez explained that the tuition increase had been recommended to ensure KCC could operate within the budget that was initially proposed by the state. Now that KCC will receive more money than anticipated, the college no longer needs to raise tuition.

“Higher education is more accessible when it is affordable, and raising tuition is a ‘final resort’ for KCC. To be able to rescind the increase is the highlight of the year,” Gutierrez said. “We thank Oregon legislators for their hard work on behalf of higher education and for the benefit of students.”

The 2019-20 school year started Monday, June 24. Students who have established a payment plan for summer term and have already made a payment will see future payments adjusted to reflect the change in tuition.

Students who will receive a summer term financial aid disbursement will not be affected by the changes.

For more information, contact the KCC Business Office at 541-880-2237.