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The National Weather Service in Medford has issued Wind Advisories for the Klamath and Lake County areas for late Thursday night through Friday afternoon. Some advisory areas in Eastern and Northern Klamath County will see higher winds earlier on Thursday. Go here for details:

Advisory areas can expect winds 30-40mph with gusts to 50mph, and Warning areas 40-50mph with gusts to 60mph. The NWS says that sustained winds of 40mph or gusts of 58mph and higher can cause damage, including snapping tree branches and limbs, loosening roof shingles, and blowing away lightweight unsecured items. Consider avoiding travel at high elevations with high profile vehicles.

DID YOU KNOW that according to the Beaufort Wind Speed Scale:

· At wind speeds around 15mph, small tree branches move.

· At wind speeds around 20mph, small trees can sway.

· At wind speeds around 30mph, large branches move and power lines whistle.

· At wind speeds around 35mph, whole trees can be in motion and walking becomes inconvenient.

· At wind speeds around 40mph, small branches can break and walking becomes difficult.

· At wind speeds around 50mph, roof shingles will blow away.

· At wind speeds around 60mph, trees can be uprooted.

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