I am proud of my son and family. They went over the fence with the other protesters that took over the water at the headgates tonight (Aug. 29).

It was long overdue — months too late for most farmers. I wish I was 20 years younger, and I also would have climbed over the fence.

I understand the Klamath Tribes' need for the sucker fish, but there are some who I believe are members of the Tribe who also wanted the water on. They knew their jobs and homes could all be lost with no water.

I hope this will not cause bitterness with the Tribe. There are many good people in the Klamath Tribes.

Truth of it all, the government has lied to the Klamath Tribes and also the farmers.

Klamath County has made much progress the past five to 10 years. This water situation has set us back years. Too many jobs have been lost already with no water this summer. Now with water, let us all work together and Klamath County will continue to go forward as a good place to live.

I was sure there would be blood shed over this water situation. The God I believe in will look down upon us and bless all for getting through this peacefully — regardless of what race we may be.

Alma Chapman

Box 754

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