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BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Federal officials have approved turning loose a non-native insect to feed on an invasive thistle that sprouts in everything from rangelands to vineyards to wilderness areas, mainly in the U.S. West.

The weather is beginning to cool down, the midges are finally starting to dissipate, the leaves are beginning to fall, and there isn’t as much daylight – fall will be here within a week! Here are some tips to use in getting ready for fall that won’t break your budget.

I’m about to hit you with a mnemonic device that will bring the armies of men into peace with the wood elves. That’s right, I have one device to rule them all when it comes to remembering the eight rules of capitalization, and it comes from “Lord of the Rings.” Is this going to be nerdy? You…

These days, one may tend to become blazé when it comes to the range of available surgeries employed to repair the human body. Knee and hip replacements almost seem run-of-the-mill. That’s thanks to tremendous advancements in technology, equipment and training.

People sometimes underestimate the importance of good oral health in their lives and for their loved ones. Proper oral health improves quality of life, so it is important to choose the best dentist for your family.

Klamath County’s friendliest neighborhood is Lawanda Hills, according to resident Teena Baker. Several families helped put on a Neighborhood Potluck Saturday, Aug. 31. There are approximately 70 homes in this neighborhood off of Highway 66, and every one received a flyer, phone call, or pers…

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