Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming, especially if you are hosting it at your house. Here are a few ideas to help make preparing the dinner a little easier and lower your budget so you can concentrate on the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving.

People sometimes underestimate the importance of good oral health in their lives and for their loved ones. Proper oral health improves quality of life, so it is important to choose the best dentist for your family.

The drive between Merrill and Bonanza is a pleasant one. You might get slowed down if you get stuck behind a tractor on the narrow county roads, but the views are beautiful and you pass many charming farmhouses and cows out to pasture. Some people wave in a neighborly way as they pass by.

If a potato can become vodka, then you can become a bonafide word nerd. The tools and tips I give you are meant to be used for good; please don’t gloat your grammar greatness over anyone, rather use it to lift everyone up. I’m about to share a word with you that will make everyone at the whi…

Descendants of Dr. George Nicholson gathered in Klamath Falls on Wednesday, Nov. 6, for the dedication of a boulder and plaque in his memory. Nicholson purchased about 80 acres of land on Conger Heights in 1978 to preserve the area as open space. The property is now owned by the City of Klam…

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William “Bill” Anderson is entering his second season as the director of the Bill Collier Ice Arena in Klamath Falls, having been at the post for almost a year, after taking over for Suzette Machado when she retired last November.