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Tuesday 11/06/2012
Mallams, Bellet will be seated on board of commissioners
Posted: November 06, 2012

The first round of election results from Klamath County show Tom Mallams and Jim Bellet will most likely take their seats as Klamath County Commissioners come January 1.

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Tuesday 11/06/2012

Mallams, Bellet will be seated on board of commissioners Obama wins second term Obama pulls ahead in electoral count Early results show Oregon going to Obama Democrats take Republican-held seats in Senate Obama captures New Hampshire, Pennsylvania The presidential race so far Obama wins in Michigan, Romney captures Alabama Georgia added to list of Romney wins AP calls Indiana, South Carolina for Romney Election returns for Klamath County AP calls West Virgina for Mitt Romney

Monday 10/15/2012

2012 election primer for Klamath County

Tuesday 08/28/2012

Subdued start to GOP convention

Monday 08/27/2012

Poll: Obama has narrow lead in Florida

Thursday 08/23/2012

Local business owner files to run for mayor

Thursday 05/17/2012

Mallams: Election win sends message Lake commissioner wins close race

Wednesday 05/16/2012

State senator and state representative: Two Whitsetts for Klamath County Link retains position as county treasurer Medical marijuana plays role in AG race Klamath County commissioners: Incumbents ousted DA ousted in Lake County; commissioner retains seat Klamath County sheriff: Skrah, Angeli top sheriff’s race

Tuesday 05/01/2012

Primary election: State races and Klamath County treasurer

Saturday 04/28/2012

Primary election, Klamath County Commissioner, Position 3 Primary election, Klamath County Commissioner, Position 1

Friday 04/27/2012

One way or the other or not

Thursday 04/26/2012

Answers from the candidates: Klamath County Assessor

Wednesday 04/25/2012

Ask the candidates: State House, District 56 Answers from the candidates — Commissioner Position 1 Redrawn districts give more coverage T.R.s: New political party for Klamath? Lake County primary election: DA, commissioner face challengers

Tuesday 04/24/2012

Answers from the candidates: Commissioner Position 3

Saturday 04/21/2012

Klamath County commissioner debate, Position 3, Part 2 Candidates agree some records are relevant

Friday 04/20/2012

Roundtable, Klamath County Commissioner Position 3

Thursday 04/19/2012

County did not violate election law

Friday 04/13/2012

County commissioner position 1 roundtable, part 3 State senate candidates debate, part I of III State senate condidates debate, part III of III Senate hopefuls debate priorities

Thursday 04/12/2012

Commissioner roundtable, position 1, part 2 Candidates ask each other a question Candidates split on KBRA support, dam removal plan

Tuesday 04/03/2012

Candidate roundtable: Senate district 28, part 2

Monday 04/02/2012

Candidate roundtable: State Senate District 28, part 3

Saturday 03/31/2012

Senate district 28 candidate roundtable, part 1 District 56 candidate roundtable, part 4
Wednesday 02/22/2012
Survey: Up and down the river
Posted: February 22, 2012

Late in 2011, Herald and News reporters traveled up and down the Klamath River in search of stories that demonstrate how the people along the river are united.

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Wednesday 02/22/2012

Survey: Up and down the river Following the money: The Klamath dams are a massive investment The Klamath River Basin Disagreeing on dam removal: Klamath River Basin split on removal issue River views Where politicians stand: Legislation needed to fund water agreement Fish Web Only: The tribes of the Klamath River Web Only: Parasite studies ongoing Web Only: What KBRA proponents and opponents have to say Web Only: Proposed monument raises concerns along river

Tuesday 02/21/2012

‘The facts will be what they are’ Cost of the KBRA: 10-year project in the millions Dennis Lynch Dam removal meeting Yreka: Issue of dam removal divisive, residents say Yreaka dam removal hearing Voices Along the River: Larry Dunsmoor, Klamath Tribes senior aquatics biologist Fisheries and the agreements: KBRA would fund water flow, fish habitat studies Mike Belchik The science: Scientists say they have no agenda Voices Along the River: Will Harling, executive director, Mid-Klamath Watershed Council Boats in Eureka, Calif.

Sunday 02/19/2012

‘Our lives depend on the river’ Leaf Hillman White deerskin Mavis McCovey Hoopa: ‘Our belief is in this water. It is everything’ Science: Fisheries research tracking changes Voices along the river: Kathleen Sloan, director of the Yurok Tribe Environmental Program Yurok: Origin sisters remain to guide salmon home Ceremonial dance Sacred rock Voices along the river: Jeff Mitchell, Klamath Tribal Council member Culture and traditions: ‘The glue that holds our society together’ Jeff Mitchell Edison Chiloquin's land Administrative law judge agrees: ‘First in time is first in right’ Klamath, Modoc, Yahooskin: Tribes had 22 million acres around the lake Yurok Tribal offices Karuk: ‘The river is too hot, the fish are too soft’ Dam construction degraded river water quality, hurt food sources Traditional ceremonial dress Ceremonial obsidian pieces Culture and tradition: Water quality, low flows stop ceremonies, dances

Saturday 02/18/2012

Klamath River, Calif.: Couple joins movement to ‘get back to the land’ Klamath River Basin, the economy: There used to be a timber industry Paul Crandall Jill and George Livingston Jill Livingston

Saturday 02/18/2012

Protesters Political perspectives: Dam removal a divisive, and now partisan, issue Bend in the river Fishing: Industry up and down since salmon die-off As timber jobs disappeared, so did the mills and the people Cafe on the river Klamath River Cafe: ‘We’re struggling to make ends meet . . .’ Kenny McCulley Out of work Letter writing

Friday 02/17/2012

Klamath River mile 189: Counting salmon on the Shasta Filming the salmon Charles Wickman Seiad Creek: ‘I knew I wanted to work on the Klamath River’ Shasta River fish count Shirley Fisher Sherry Ritchie Happy Camp, Calif.: Dam removal worries those on flood plains Shirley Fisher at home Jim Burney Hornbrook, Calif.: Dam removal could hurt resort expansion plans Klamath River, Calif.: Dams and a monument: ‘We feel squeezed here’ Rick LeFever Near Keno, Ore.: ‘It’d be cool to see salmon in the river again’

Thursday 02/16/2012

At issue: Undam the river, or not? Counties divided: Siskiyou wants dams; Humboldt does not Copco No. 1 dam Copco No. 1: The 126-foot tall dam is built into steep rock canyon walls Keno dam Keno Dam: Reservoir is used to control Lake Ewauna’s water level Voices along the river: Mark Lovelace, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors chairman Copco No. 2 dam Copco No. 2: The dam produces power but no irrigation water J.C. Boyle dam J.C. Boyle: The dam creates a popular reservoir known as Topsy Link River dam Iron Gate dam Iron Gate: If the dam is removed, the fish hatchery would be closed The Klamath River Dams: Link River dam built in 1921 to prevent floods Iron Gate salmon Copco 2

Wednesday 02/15/2012

Voices along the river: Paul Crandall, chamber president, Klamath, Calif. ‘... I know I've fooled something with a brain the size of a pea' Voices along the river: Glen Spain, northwest regional director, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association Mike Orcutt Hoopa, Calif.: Our legacy: ‘Will there be fish like we knew?’ Phil Glenn Todd Engelbrecht Voices along the river: Luther Horsley, Klamath County farmer Dave Bitts

Wednesday 02/15/2012

J.C. Boyle Dam ‘I’d like to see it stay. I hope to retire here’ At the docks The KBRA and removal of four Klamath River hydroelectric dams Salmon Jet boat tours Klamath, Calif.: Jet boating tours at the mouth of the Klamath Fishing the mouth of the river Fish stories from the river’s mouth

Tuesday 02/14/2012

Subsistence agriculture and the politics of dams Kathy Bishop at home Seiad post office Goats and cattle Siskiyou County supervisors Kathy Bishop Political battles over removing the four dams started in 2000 Klamath River view Lawmaker: ‘This needs to be done for fish and agriculture’ Over the river Politics of the river: ‘We’re looking at how to save agriculture’ Copco Lake: Homeowners worry as property values drop Fishing at Big Bar: Father, sons escape to the river once a year In Seiad Valley, logging was the industry until the spotted owl Voices along the river: Cheryl Hukill, Klamath County commissioner On the 150-year-old Rainey ranch, the family still bucks hay by hand Fishing spot Voices along the river: Jim Cook, Siskiyou County supervisor Mike Adrian Voices along the River: Ryan Sundberg, Humboldt County supervisor: Fish, cattle and potatoes: Food production a way of life

Sunday 02/12/2012

Salmon at Iron Gate History of a river Kayaker Jim and Stephanie Carpenter Agriculture industry statistics Birding, boating and a bed: ‘We just want to show people this place ...’ Klamath Indians Dan Chin Wong Potatoes Martin's Ferry Keno area Wong Potatoes Elk Big Bar Potato shed founder fails at first; instead opens Chinese restaurant Wong Potatoes: ‘You have to have good people working for you’ Goats in Seiad Valley Jim Carpenter Survey: Up and down the river
Sunday 01/01/2012
2011: Looking back; 2012: Looking ahead
Updated: January 07, 2012 - 5:30 pm

We asked more than two dozen Klamath Basin residents and leaders to look ahead, taking with them lessons from the past year. Join them as they reflect on 2011, make some predictions for 2012 and share their priorities. This is a sampling of the responses we received.

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Wednesday 12/21/2011
Money Matters: Research, development and jobs
Updated: December 21, 2011 - 12:14 pm

Unemployment rate still in double digits after three years

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Sunday 12/04/2011
Part 7: Same town, different town
Updated: December 04, 2011 - 1:58 pm

Former Modoc County District Attorney Jordan Funk wonders if people are too tolerant of heinous things.

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Part 7: Same town, different town Part 7: Did family’s low social standing influence case? Part 7: Why Haralson is already out of jail, prison Part 7: Opposites: Victim’s mom, killer’s wife Part 7 Intro: The Aftermath WEB ONLY: Where they are now Part 6: Who is Rob Haralson? Part 6: ‘The change was ... dramatic. I didn’t know who he was’ Part 6: Violence, antisocial behavior start in childhood WEB ONLY: Haralson's involvement with white supremacy group Part 6 Intro: The killer WEB ONLY: What do you think? Part 5: The makings of a deal Part 5: Victim’s family unhappy with deals offered by Modoc’s DA Part 5: It can be a struggle to find time, resources for cold cases Part 5 Intro: The plea deals WEB ONLY: Statement from spouse of Robert Chad Haralson Part 4: 'I couldn't believe what was happening' Part 4: Expenses weigh on Modoc DA’s budget Part 4: Suspect had a troubling record as a teenager Part 4: Witness says officials did not interview her after she found 14-year-old’s body Part 4: The road to justice Part 4 Intro: The wrong man WEB ONLY: Is there hope for cold cases? Part 3: Tipster says 'he had to finish the job' Part 3: Manpower, experience, funding important factors Timeline: From missing to murdered Part 3 Intro: Betty Lou's murder Why so much about the Betty Lou Parks case? Part 3: A reward and a suspect Part 2: Expert: Best way to protect kids is communication Part 2: Sifting through rumors keeps investigators off target Part 2: Runaway or missing person? Part 2 Intro: The search for Betty Lou Part 1: Just a run away? Or not? Rumors, sightings abound Part 1: Experts say environment linked to troubling behaviors Part 1: Where was Betty Lou? Part 1 Intro: Betty Lou Parks is missing
Sunday 12/19/2010
Farmers, ranchers weather drought
Posted: December 19, 2010

Klamath Basin irrigators added wells, tried new conservation practices and worked with fellow irrigators to make sure water was used efficiently.

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What color red should KU use for Pel Court?

What red is the real KU red? It might sound like a simple question, but when designing the new look of Pel Court, it's not so simple. The design team for the Klamath Union High School renovation discussed aesthetics and interior design features for the athletic wing recently.

  • icon Posted: March 04

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What color red should KU use for Pel Court?

What red is the real KU red? It might sound like a simple question, but when designing the new look of Pel Court, it's not so simple. The design team for the Klamath Union High School renovation discussed aesthetics and interior design features for the athletic wing recently.

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