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The renovation of Klamath Union High School likely will not be done in time for the 2016-17 school year as the Klamath Falls City Schools had originally planned.

As we close in on the end of 2015, the deadline for settlements in the water agreements looms large. You may be asking yourself, what does all this mean? What has to happen to ratify the agreements? What will happen if they are not ratified?

A Saturday Connections section letter, “Thanks from the family and friends of Calvin Douglas,” should have only listed the names of Edith Douglas, Gary and Kathy Barnes and Craig and Debie Douglas as the letter's signers.

The issue of homelessness can be surrounded by a lot of rhetoric, from those who want more to be done, to those who believe social services are going too far.

In Klamath County and Klamath Falls, between one in five and one in three students switches schools during the school year while in high school.

Though it’s early in the election season, Bud Pierce, Republican candidate for governor, is touring Oregon to get his message out. That message is to reduce the size of state government while “freeing” state employees to work for the citizens.

While state plans for Gilchrist State Forest call for it to be a timber producer, the more than 100 square miles could also be a new recreational playground.

Barleen, Shirley Lorraine, 84, Eternal Hills Funeral Home, 9 a.m. Saturday.