Located about a quarter-mile downstream from Copco No. 1 is the Copco No. 2 dam.

The much smaller concrete dam was completed in 1925. It is proposed for removal, along with three other hydroelectric dams, in the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement. The dam can produce up to 27 megawatts of electricity but provides no irrigation water, flood control or recreational activities.

Water is diverted through a wooden and steel pipeline to the Copco No. 2 powerhouse 1-1/2 miles downstream. The river usually is reduced to a trickle there as PacifiCorp is required to discharge 10 cubic-feet-per-second of water downriver while generally sending 2,400 to 2,500 cubic-feet-per-second through the powerhouse.

At the Copco No. 2 powerhouse, two turbines can produce 27 megawatts of power. Near the powerhouse are a former school and about a dozen company-owned employee homes.

The closest towns of Hornbrook and Montague are about an hour's drive away, so most employees live onsite. Today, most the homes and schoolhouse sit empty as modernization has eliminated jobs at the powerhouse.