It's time for the Time Warp. Again.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" turns 35 this year, and some Klamath Falls-area residents are giving it a proper celebration.

Contemporary Arts Kitchen members will perform a live version of the show to run in conjunction with the 1970s film.

But why, after 35 years, is the film - sometimes perceived as offensive, usually perceived as bizarre - still being revered?

Those with fond memories of the audience participation musical about aliens in drag, strange dances and monsters say it's a variety of things.

"It was just so bad that people figured out how to take this lemon of a film and make lemonade with it, essentially," said Klamath County Library librarian Christy Davis. "It was so bad that it became good, and not very many films have been able to pull it off."

A cult classic revealed

"Rocky Horror" tells the story of Brad and Janet, who are stranded during a rainstorm after their car breaks down.

They visit a strange castle to use a phone, and stumble into a universe of campy horror and science fiction.

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