The spring open burning window has begun in the Klamath County air quality zone.

The window will last until 7 p.m. May 1, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Only residential yard waste - tree limbs, brush, leaves - may be burned. Burning plastic, rubber, tar, petroleum products, treated or painted wood is prohibited.

Commercial burning requires a special permit from DEQ. Contact Bonnie Hough at 541-633-2016 for information.

Agricultural burning requires a variance from the Klamath County Environmental Health Department. Call 541-883-1122 for information.

The DEQ enforces the following burning conditions:

  • Burning may only occur when the Air Quality Advisory is green. The advisory is available at or 541-882-2876.
  • Burning may only occur between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • The burn pile cannot be larger than 6 feet across and 4 feet high.
  • There must be a 6-foot clear area surrounding the base of the pile, and the pile must be at least 20 feet from fences and buildings.
  • Burn barrels are prohibited.
  • There must be a pressurized water hose at the fire site at all times.
  • An adult must be present at the burn pile at all times.
  • The wind must be between 4 and 10 miles per hour. Get wind speed information at 541-883-8127.
  • The person conducting the burning is responsible for damage or problems caused by an out-of-control burn.
  • The burning window may be cancelled at any time due to air quality or fire hazards.