In Keno, when Girl Scout Troop No. 50402 heard about a pair of starving horses, they decided to do something about it. They donated their hard-earned cash from selling cookies to Project Spirit, a horse rescue program, to help two horses recovering from starvation.

Elizabeth Huggins, one of the leaders of the troop, said the scouts came up with the idea on their own after seeing an article about Project Spirit two weeks ago in the Herald and News. The girls voted to give their money to Badger Run Wildlife Rehab and Project Spirit. “The money is normally kept for future troop expenses,” said Huggins.

A Good Start

Nadine Hoy, owner of Project Spirit reported donations of money and hay have been, “pouring in.”

“We have received $750 in cash donations; six bags of feed and a 50-pound bag of vitamin supplements,” she said. “Plus one area rancher donated a ton of hay.”

The gelding is reportedly doing fine and both horses are eating non-stop. “I’m a little concerned about the mare,” said Hoy, “She’s coming back a second time and that’s hard on their bodies.”

Both the mare and gelding are reportedly in their teens and have had liver and kidney tests come back with healthy results despite being severely underweight.

Project Spirit has three other horses that also are recovering from abuse while the large-animal division of the Klamath Animal Shelter is taking care of 19 horses.

Hoy said one Lakeview man was appalled this was happening in his community and donated hay to help the pair.

Overwhelmed by the support so far, Hoy said, “Klamath County is just a great community. This should get us on our way to helping these horses recover.”

Both horses are well on their way to recovery, but there is still a long way to go.