The victims of a stabbing incident in Sprague River last week have been identified as Bruce Atchley, 34, and Stephen Sorenson, 24, according to court records.

Previous reports indicated there was only one stabbing victim. Atchley confirmed Wednesday that he and Sorenson were stabbed.

Both men received knife wounds during an altercation April 25 in the small Klamath County town. Following the altercation, gunfire broke out, leaving one person dead and another in jail.

Atchley received minor cuts and Sorenson received a 4 1/2-inch laceration on his left side. He was flown to Sky Lakes Medical Center for treatment and has been released.

Atchley said his grandmother was driving the two men to the hospital Thursday night when they were stopped by deputies who were en route to the shooting in Sprague River. Two guns and a purse with $1,000 inside were confiscated from the woman’s car.

The money was later returned to the family.

Two Klamath County deputies, Steve and Geneva Lewis, were honored at a Monday meeting of the Klamath County budget committee for their actions while responding to the incident.

More details on the shooting were made public via court records.

Teel Blue Gentry, 25, of Sprague River is charged with two counts of attempted murder for firing a rifle at sheriff’s deputies. He has not entered a plea and remains in jail.

No charges have been filed as of yet in connection with the death of Derrick William Forste, 36, who was found outside his home in Sprague River.

While responding to a report of shots fired, deputies Steve and Geneva Lewis encountered a man on foot, court records show. The man fired a gun at the Lewises, striking one patrol car near the center of its windshield.

Witnesses later said Gentry was the man who fired on police and was holed up in his home on Fifth Street. Contacted by phone, Gentry told a Klamath Falls Police officer, “I’m waiting for SWAT to show up so I can shoot them in the face,” according to records. The affidavit said Gentry “continued to make statements about shooting at police and that he was better than the police.

“He stated that he intends to take out as many police officers as possible before he is taken out,” the document said.

Gentry later gave himself up peacefully. After his surrender, Forste’s body was found at the scene.

Atchley described Gentry as a young Army National Guard veteran who served honorably for eight years. The veteran helped train SWAT teams in Klamath County and Medford, he said.

“He was trying to enjoy getting back into school with his earnings,” Atchley said.

Sheriff Frank Skrah singled out the Lewises Monday for putting their lives on the line. The husband and wife couple stood up for recognition by county officials.

“I feel it imperative that I introduce you to them because they’re your deputies, my deputies, our deputies,” Skrah said. “This is what you have defending the people of this county. We need to take the time to recognize them and not only their bravery, their heroism, their attention to duty in this county.

“My predecessor found these people. They are very courageous people, honorable people. And after almost 30 hours out there, they had a smile on their face.”

Herald and News reporter Samantha Tipler contributed to this report.