With only 14 signatures to spare, the League of Women Voters of Klamath County had its ballot initiative certified, seeking to make county commissioner elections and positions nonpartisan.

Of the 1,641 signatures accepted for verification, county clerk Linda Smith verified 86 percent, or 1,404 total, according to a news release. The group needed 1,390 to get its initiative on the ballot.

Initiative Petition 18-90 will be the only initiative on the May 21 ballot. The caption will read: “Makes Klamath County commissioner positions nonpartisan beginning in 2013.”

Leslie Lowe, League of Women Voters president, said tiny details determine whether signatures count toward an initiative. Lowe herself saw 10 signatures decertified because she made a mistake dating the circulation sheet.

She hopes nonpartisan commissioners will force voters to learn more about candidates. “I want voters to take the time to know who it is they are electing,” Lowe said.