Fuschia can only jump seven feet, so to make mama proud she’ll have to triple that someday.

    The 14-month-old pit bull is daughter to Pink, a world record-setting distance jumper in her breed class, who can fly up to 21 feet and 6 inches into a pool of water. A pool like the one Fuschia splashed into on Friday.

    Fuschia is standing in for her mama, who is currently recovering from an eye injury, at Dock Dogs practice demonstrations at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair.

    “I have very experienced dogs, so they asked me to help,” said Amy Peterson, 28, a professional dog trainer from Vacaville, Calif.

    The two pit bulls, plus Hudson, a Belgian malinois, and Bailey, a miniature Australian shepherd, traveled with Peterson from Vacaville to compete in Dock Dogs regional qualifying events like speed retrieval, extreme vertical and “big air,” or distance jumping.

    “After this, we’re hoping to go to the Dock Dogs regionals in Las Vegas,” said Peterson, who fell in love with canine water competitions at a county fair several years ago.

    “Now we travel all over the country. It’s addictive — the dogs are insane about it, and it’s a good bonding experience with the owner,” Peterson said.

    Like human athletes, dogs have good days and bad days at competitions like these, Peterson said. But to her, Pink and Fuschia, Hudson and Bailey are special no matter what.

    “I respect them as dogs, and love them as friends,” Peterson said.