The Klamath County Animal Shelter seized 43 animals from a farm this week in an abuse case that first began in 2005.

Debby Fowler, investigator with the Klamath Animal Shelter’s large animal division, said she has been working with the owners to properly care for the animals for eight years.

Fowler said 20 goats, 12 dogs, four horses, three llamas, two miniature donkeys, one cat and one rat were seized.

The shelter stepped in with the help of Klamath County Deputy Mark Borges.

Fowler said in her 12 years of service, she has never seen animals so eager to leave. “All the animals jumped in the trailer and were happy to leave,” she said.

According to Fowler, deputy district attorney Cole Chase is leading the case and will present the shelter’s side during a forfeiture hearing some time in the next week or two.

The two donkeys had curled hooves and have been taken to Project Spirit to be cared for by Nadine Hoy while the rest are still with the Klamath Animal Shelter.

“The donkeys went through a rough day because of the condition of their feet,” she said. “The very worst I have ever seen in all my years of rescuing.”

Hoy also said the baby goats were in trouble. “Some still had umbilical cords attached and were frantic for milk. They were very lethargic and sick for a few days, but are doing well now.”

Charlotte Barks from the large animal division said the goats have lice and you can see backbones and ribs on several animals. “Everybody is doing a lot better now.”

They need help, though. Donations of grass, hay, milk replacer for goats, other feed or money would go a long way to helping the 43 animals recover, Barks said.

To donate, go to or mail a check to P.O. Box 482, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. You also can call 541-884-7387.

To donate to Project Spirit go to or call Nadine Hoy at 541-891-2921.