Grab your haversacks, bayonets and sabers and take a step back in time to the 1860s with the Cascade Civil War Society, which presents the Battle of Moore Park on July 28 and 29.

As one of three re-enactments throughout the year, the Battle of Moore Park will offer a plethora of activities and events for folks to see and do. “We want people to come out, and basically gain a greater sense of history,” said Dan Foster, military coordinator for the CCWS. “A lot of people don’t realize the significance of the Civil War, and these re-enactments allow them to grasp a better sense of the time period and why it’s so important.”

Over the span of two days, the battle will portray a variety of different scenarios of life during the Civil War period, including live skirmishes, camp life of civilians, and Confederate and Union troops, cannon fire, medical demonstrations, buggy rides and period music performed by the Thrown Together Band.

In order to make sure the event is as accurate to the era as possible, Foster said re-enactors step completely out of the 21st century and right into the 1860s. “We really do our best to get into character,” Foster said. “When we set up our camp Friday night, we really create an atmosphere that appears to be the 1860s; that means we embody the language, mannerisms, garb and lifestyle from the time period.”

Not last year’s show

After 15 years of re-enactments, Foster said each battle is never exactly the same. “Just because you’ve seen a re-enactment before doesn’t mean you’ll see the same thing. Each one is unique,” he said.

Foster said this year’s event will be dedicated to a certain, undisclosed part of the Civil War circa 1862. The dedication will be announced at the event, but Foster said the re-enactment will pay tribute to one of the most critical and violent years of the war.

“The Civil War was a time in history that was very crucial in the growth of our country,” Foster said. “It defined us a nation, and the folks who come out to see the re-enactment will receive a greater understanding of this devastating and critical time in our history.”