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A disabled Vietnam veteran with his daughter had a very disrespectful visit when ordering doughnuts recently. He ordered two dozen stating, “a variety without cake doughnuts.”

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In a recent editorial on the Forum page, I was thrilled to read your perspective on our local play productions, specifically the Linkville’s “Chicago.”

While inmates have a right to sue others for wrongdoing, I find it rather annoying that so many inmates of recent time have taken to the courts to enact some sort of retribution on our law enforcement agency.

Last night, as the sun set over Washington, if you asked President Obama who had been brave that day, he’d have said himself, not the students who declared themselves Christians knowing they were going to die because of it. Barack Obama, after all, had stood up to Republicans and the NRA — r…

I read that Tom Mallams is going to run for re-lection as Klamath County Commissioner. I find it interesting that a recall petition was recently filed against him for, if not “illegal” at least “administratively” and selfishly inconsiderate trespass on the rights of other water users, for us…

The job of the president of a Police Officer Association includes meeting and conferring with management on matters of personnel policy and disciplinary proceedings. From experience as a POA president, I know that officers revolt against management when issues of policies and working conditi…

I'm glad Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams is being recalled and wanted to bring attention the reasons I joined the recall effort (none of them related to marijuana sales). Plus, he was elected in a partisan process, that has since changed.

After discussing this matter with neighbors and law-abiding residents throughout our beautiful county, we agree we have heard enough negativity against our sheriff Frank Skrah.