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If you’re lucky today you’ll be spending your Thanksgiving Day with loved ones. It’s a day for family gatherings, lots of Facebook postings and long-distance phone calls.

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Schools should face more accountability, not less. That’s why we were so disappointed when Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill this year that made it easier for students to opt out of standardized tests.

A few rain showers, snow clearly visible on Mount McLoughlin — perhaps there’s hope for a “good” winter ahead, one that stacks up snow in the mountains, fills streams and lakes during warmer weather and gets us through a summer without a major struggle over the Basin’s most precious resource.

Overall enrollment figures for Oregon Tech show the Klamath Falls-based polytechnic university is growing and responding to the needs of Oregon students.

The decision late Wednesday by Gov. Kate Brown to order an independent review of core functions of the Oregon Department of Human Services was correct. Yet it followed by less than a day a newspaper’s extensive review of DHS’ oversight of children in a Portland foster care setting — and the …

Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown doesn’t think 2016 is the right time to add more money to the state’s ailing highway system. Rather, she wants to concentrate her effort on raising the state’s minimum wage.

Proper use of natural resources is always good for an argument in Oregon, whether the subject is wolves, water or any of a number of other possibilities in which land-owners find themselves in conflict with those who believe there’s a better use of land and property.

The nation’s veterans are one of its biggest resources. These are men and women who have gone where they were sent to defend the United States, which they did — and continue to do — with bravery, teamwork and a commitment to personal ideals that remains with them when they leave the service.

As elections go, Tuesday’s vote on a $2 million bond issue to upgrade ambulances and fire trucks for Fire District 1, was fairly close. But, if you’re one of the 4,433 voters who favored the bond issue, a miss is as good as a mile.

When government has good news, it’s beating down the doors to tell the public about it. When government has bad news, it’s building a fortress of delay and costs to block the public from finding out what happened. ...

I was relaxing at home one evening, answering emails on my Ipad, checking my Facebook postings of cats doing stupid things on my smart phone, blocking out hearing what my wife was asking me…(just kidding), and watching the evening news on TV, when a story caught my eye.