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Today is the 125th day of 2016 and the 46th day of spring.

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The Klamath Basin’s economy is wrapped around a series of major threads that produce jobs and income for the Basin’s population. Figures for one of those threads — one that makes the Basin a special place because it reflects the area’s natural attractions — came out recently.

When the Transportation Security Administration TSA refused to return to the Klamath Basin to provide security screening so we could get air service restored, I joined forces with local leaders and my Senate colleagues to pass legislation in the House and the Senate to force the TSA to chang…

As I was contemplating spring cleaning the upcoming election came to mind and I realized that the Trump tidal wave phenomenon is indicative of the public's total disdain for politics as usual and the need to "clean house."

I would like to clarify some issues regarding a recent article. Many people interpreted the headline to mean that all election results would be delayed.

A vote for Commissioner Tom Mallams is a vote for integrity, courage, commitment and accountability. He has proven his ability to manage a $185 million budget while providing all the necessary services for Klamath County.

We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Donnie Boyd as Klamath County Commissioner Position 1.

As a long time resident of the Klamath Basin, having served in the military, farmed, ranched, dabbled in real estate, and reached the advanced age of 83, I am grateful for the opportunities afforded myself and my family.

Today is the 124th day of 2016 and the 45th day of spring.

“Every memory of my mother is my favorite memory. She’s one of my favorite people in the world. She’s there for me when I’m down and when I’m up.”

Klamath County needs Steve Lewis to help put our community and reputation back together! He's the kind of man who will make people want to move here and bring their business.

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It is with enthusiasm that I write to endorse Donnie Boyd for county commissioner, Position 1. Truly a native son, Donnie comes from a hard-working family who have both shaped and supported the Klamath Basin for three generations strong.