Property owners can continue to burn yard waste Sunday and Monday.

The burning advisory for both days, during the spring open burning season, is green, meaning burning is allowed under certain conditions. The burning season may be closed at anytime due to changing winds, air quality concerns or fire hazards.

Special permits are required to burn construction or industrial waste and those who wish to burn agricultural waste inside Klamath Falls' air quality zone must obtain approval from the Klamath County Environmental Health Department at 403 Pine St.

Here are list of regulations for the spring open burning season:

1. Only residential yard waste, such as tree limbs, brush, and leaves may be burned.

2.No plastic, rubber, tar, petroleum products, treated or painted wood may be burned.

3.All burning must occur after 7 a.m. and be fully extinguished by 7 p.m.

4.The burn pile shall be no larger than 6 feet in diameter and 4 feet high.

5.There must be a six-foot clear area surrounding the base of the pile and the pile must be at least 20 feet from combustible fences and buildings.

6.The use of Burn Barrels is prohibited. Only burn piles may be used

7.There must be a pressurized water hose at the fire site at all times.

8.A responsible adult must be present at the fire from the first flame until the fire is extinguished

9.The wind must be between 4 and 10 miles per hour (a light breeze). Wind speed information may be obtained at 541-883-8127.

10.The person conducting any burning is responsible for damage and the cost of an out of control burn as well as traffic problems and other hazards caused by the smoke.

11.The Open Burning Window may be cancelled at any time due to air quality or fire hazard conditions.

12.Burning of commercial, construction, demolition or industrial waste or purposes requires a special permit from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Contact Bonnie Hough at the DEQ office in Bend at 541-633-2016.

13.For Agricultural burning inside the Air Quality Zone a variance is required from the Klamath County Environmental Health Department at 403 Pine St.

-Klamath County Environmental Health Department