Adra Goeller Turner, 92, was likely the first Brownie in the Klamath Basin to “fly up” to Girl Scouts. Her two older sisters were already in scouting and her brother was a Sea Scout. Her mother, Maude Goeller, was a leader.

    Most memorable to her were the times she went to the Girl Scout camp at Lake of the Woods.

    “We did swimming, row boating, hiking and mess hall. We slept in a wood box with a tent over the top — four of us in each tent. I thought it was kind of funny. Our family had and still has a cabin there, but my mother wanted us to have the experience of scouts.”

    She remembers the big fires at night, doing skits, telling ghost stories and making s’mores. When earning badges, she always enjoyed those related to the arts.

    Now a resident at Crystal Terrace, she still has the Brownie uniform she wore. After Scouting, she went on to Southern Oregon College to study teaching and served as a WAVE in the U.S. Navy during World War II.